Thursday, May 29, 2008

Weather, remembering, growing up...

It is beautiful outside today. The sky is crystal clear and it is hot, but not too hot, even in my house with the swamp cooler still not hooked up (I can't find the water tubing from last year! I may have to break down and buy new supplies.) Right now I am in my mom's house (no internet at mine), before big Richard's back surgery (which went well, by the way) he got her swamp cooler running. It is nice and cool and the mountains are beautiful out the front window. I would have stepped outside to take this picture so it would be clearer, but I didn't want the man washing his El Camino up the street to think I was taking a picture of him!!!

It stormed yesterday, we even had hail. This pic is of our front courtyard. Hopefully you can see the hail in the grass. The storm was short but furious.

Here is some hand-held hail.

One of Tim's racing friends, Dennis McMasters, made this decal and has it on his street stock. This picture was taken in the pits where it was kind of dark, but you should be able to see it ok. We miss him.

Speaking (or writing) of Tim, the day before Richard's surgery he took Richard the younger up to Ruidoso to get Tim's (Richard's) race car. Here it is in Ruidoso, all loaded up and ready to come home. It is sitting safe and sound in our driveway now. Richard (the younger) can't wait to start racing. We will have to start him in a lower class, Tim's car is a street stock.

He is off right now learning about working on race cars. He has a new engine-builder friend, my friend's husband, who is letting him tag along while he works on cars. He has been in the pits with him a couple of times at the races, and tonight they are off working on someone's car. Actually that someone let Richard ride in his race car last week! They finished 2nd in all of the races. Richard was so excited.