Friday, January 26, 2007

Our Visitor..

We have a kitty that comes and visits, we don't know where he lives, but he is pretty fat, so he probably has a home. We put food out for him anyway! :-)

He is mostly white, with black on his head, and has long hair. Richard has named him Tigger. Our kitties like to gather and talk to him through the sliding glass door. It has been so cold lately, I would love to bring him in. He is a little shy though. I am hoping that he does have a good home somewhere, since I kind of have a full house!

Stimpy, hanging out. He is very laid back.

Mew, she seemed to be really shy at first, not very social. But lately she has really become a people-kitty.

The twins, sort of. They seemed identical when they were little. Ren though, (the one in back) has become very fluffy. She has a full coat, not long, but full and fluffy. She looks like a snow leopard. Roo, the one in front, is sleeker and her coat is has stripes, while Ren has spots.
These two were always the first to do anything when they were little. They were the first to get out of their birthing area, the first to scale the baby gate, etc. They have calmed down a little, and Mew was the first to climb my curtains! Ra has taken over lately as the resident mischief maker. He loves to get into trouble.

Kitten pix

These pictures are 2 months old. The kittens from our litter are 3 1/2 months old in these, and Lou is 6 weeks or so.

This is Lou, a friend from work found him on the mountain. She was going to keep him but her dogs were a little rough with him, so he joined our litter. Bastet has adopted him and he nurses with the others.

Ra (named by Richard after the Sun God), stalking something.


Sir Lou, that is.

Almost the whole tribe.


We have gotten a TON of snow over the last week (ok, a ton for Southern New Mexico). We really don't get too much at my house, even though we are within walking distance of a decent sized mountain. Usually you have to take a half-hour drive or so to see much snow in the winter. I really don't like the cold, but if it is going to be cold I would like to at least see some snow! Well, I got it twice this week. It snowed in the beginning of the week, and I actually still had some in my yard when it snowed again last night. It rained like crazy most of the day though, so now it is all gone.

This is my house at about 6 this morning. The clock on my camera is wrong, it says 6pm, but it was am.

The Ash tree in the yard had started to get buds on it before the snow, I am not sure if they survived the cold.

This is the Garden God in the first snow, he can still see the yard.

After today's snow he was pretty covered.

The frog and turtle checker board is still visible after the first snow...

But this morning it was gone!! :-)

The heavenly bamboo looked really pretty dusted with snow.

And my very favorite of the pictures, Richard enjoying the snow, coming down like crazy! He, by the way, took most of these pictures. He is a great photographer.