Wednesday, February 28, 2007

H2O cat

I don't even have normal cats! Every morning Ren sits on the bathroom sink until I turn on the faucet, then she sits in the sink and lets the water wash all over her. She just sits there and drinks and showers, loving the water. I guess that is what happens when you name your cat after a mosquito...

Friday, February 16, 2007


So Lauren and Lindsey convinced me that I needed to get a Myspace page. Well, I did it, but I am not too sure of the whole thing. They assure me that it is a very cool thing, but I kind of feel like a jr. high student again with the whole "will you be my friend thing." Lauren assures me that it is ok to ask someone to be my friend, that though I may be a total dork, this is not why!
Here is my Myspace page, if anyone is interested:

Thursday, February 01, 2007

Black Dog

My poor Black Dog, she is a mess without Bailey. She is bored and so she gets in trouble. That is my mom's brand new bamboo blind in the background, chewed to pieces. It hadn't been installed yet, she chewed the package open. She used to stay outside most of the day, and she was ok, she and Bailey ran and played, and chased kids along the fence. They had their own inside paito room with a dog door, and came all the way in occasionally to visit. She came inside more often with Jake (my sister and brother-in-law's dog) when he was down visiting, and though he helped her to calm down and be a good inside dog when people are here, she can't be alone inside because she gets into the garbage and chews everything. That still would be ok, but now she is not satisfied to ever be outside, ever! She is in at night now but needs to go out when my mom is at work and Richard is not hanging out over there.
Jake also taught her to knock down the dog-door cover, so she comes into the patio room and bangs on the inside door, she even knocked it off of the track. I tried to take her to my house for a while, but she chases the kittens (they just love to run fast, it is too tempting!) and she tears down my screen and patio doors trying to come in.
I know what the dog whisperer would say, she needs an hour long walk every day! She would probably be ok with a friend, but with the unexpected litter of kittens I am not sure I can do that yet! Hopefully when the kittens get a little older she can be with them. She is 13 or so, I would love to have her inside all of the time where it is warm during her last few years, but we can't have someone at mom's house with her all of the time.
A friend may have to be the answer, we will see....