Friday, February 16, 2007


So Lauren and Lindsey convinced me that I needed to get a Myspace page. Well, I did it, but I am not too sure of the whole thing. They assure me that it is a very cool thing, but I kind of feel like a jr. high student again with the whole "will you be my friend thing." Lauren assures me that it is ok to ask someone to be my friend, that though I may be a total dork, this is not why!
Here is my Myspace page, if anyone is interested:


Laura Flynn Endres said...

Ditto on the MySpace thing, so I sent you a request to add as a friend! :) I'm an unschooling mama, too, and happened upon your blog somehow, sometime. (Perhaps from the UD list?)


Laura said...

Strange... it won't let my profile show up. Well, here's my blogger address - :-)

Katy said...