Thursday, December 18, 2008

Thanksgiving, Birthdays, Christmas.....

Derek was giving me a hard time at Thanksgiving for not posting anything since Halloween, and now it is almost Christmas! I am just a slacker I guess. We have been busy though!

I got in trouble with Code Enforcement for multiple violations, (I am officially White Trash in the eyes of the City now...), one of which was that my "weeds" were too tall. But I just couldn't disturb the butterflies! There were at least 30 every day. It is all taken care of now, and I am finally off of the City's shit list (I hope!).

Mom and Alison went to Mexico. Mom and Tim used to go every year, so this was a sad trip. They managed to have some fun though! That is mom and friends, Al is behind the camera.

I need to crop this picture so that you can see better, the girls actually have camel toes!!

I don't think that they got brave enough to actually visit the Camel Toe Cantina!

Richard and Lindsey had birthdays. Lindsey turned 22, and Richard 13.

Richard had an idea for his candles... he put one in the middle, with the other 12 in a circle around them leaning in so that there was one huge flame! And it did get huge!

I think he had a good time! :-)

His big present was Guitar Hero World Tour. He already had Guitar Hero, so now he has the drum set, 2 guitars, and the mic. He recently figured out that you can use the xbox live headset that came with the xbox to sing while playing guitar or drums. This game has been so much fun!

We went to a Renaissance Faire in Las Cruces.

The greyhounds are always my favorite part. I want a rescue greyhound someday.

Pumkin bread, made for Thanksgiving.

Richard, mom, and I spent Thanksgiving with Derek and Teri. I usually offer to work so that I don't get the inevitable "what ARE you going to eat???" Hmmmm, 20 dishes on the table, only one has meat, I just cannot imagine what I will find to eat!!! But it was mom's first Thanksgiving without Tim, and Richard and Dianna have a tradition of always spending Thanksgiving with Dianna's family, so I figured I should be there! It was fun. We missed Tim a lot, and some of the other usual attendees were absent too due to illness and other events, so we missed them as well.

Richard and Lauren BOTH got Outstanding Instructor awards at TaeKwonDo! It was really cool. I think it is the first time family members have won the award at the same time, or at all. It was definetely the first time someone (Lauren) was nominated for both Junior and Adult awards. Lauren got the adult award, pretty amazing for a 16 year old! I may be a little biased, but she really is more responsible than many of the adults, so it really is no surprise that she got it. I am really proud of both of them.

Richard and I got toe socks. His have a Christmas monkey and mine are striped. Yes, I said (ok, wrote...) monkey. It is a Christmas monkey! How can you pass up something so weird and cute? I love socks, it is a weird obsession.

We found this sign while sock shopping in Kmart!

I got the Christmas present of all Christmas presents (early of course)! A Leg Lamp!!!!! I am so excited, the leg actually lights up! I would eventually like to have the full size one, but this is soooo cool! Thanks mom!

This is pretty blurry, but I couldn't get a good picture of the tree with the lights on with the camera phone. The dogs knock half of the ornaments off with their tails, and the cats knock the other half off climbing up it!

So, I missed a bunch of stuff but that is some of what has been going on. More pictures soon!