Tuesday, December 25, 2007


The first ornament in the tree, that is Roo hiding in the branches. She had a perfect little niche for herself between a few of the branches about half-way up.
Stimpy, hanging out under the tree. All of the cats loved the tree skirt, very soft spot for a nap! They also loved the homemade beaded ornaments around the bottom. Last Christmas the kittens were only a few months old, and they just destroyed the tree. They climbed all over it and most of the lights and ornaments ended up on the floor. This year they are much calmer, still climbing the tree, but not being quite as chaotic.
My very favorite present of the season. When I bought the house, it had gas log installed into the fireplace. The previous owners told me that it worked, but of course, like with many other things that they told me, that was less than completely true. So, for winter this year, my mom had the gas logs removed for me and now I can use it as a real live wood-burning fireplace! Yay!

The Last Few Days....

We've been doing lots over the last few days.

Making Cookies... Lauren wasn't too fond of having to mix the dough by hand in the last step!

Watching scary movies...

Playing video games...
(The smudge in the picture is a kitty's tail!)
And adding to the wish list...

8 Things About Me...

Sandra Dodd tagged me with this, and the only real reason that I haven't posted it is that I couldn't think of 8 more people to tag! I am not online too much anymore since I don't have internet at home, and most of the people whose blogs that I read have been tagged recently. I decided that I was just procrastinating though, so here goes!

1. I like being tagged. I am not very social, and it reminds me that there are other people in the world and that I really like keeping in touch with the world, when I do it.

2. I love giving gifts. I love buying, finding, or making them, deciding what someone will like, wrapping them, everything. I just love the whole process (except mailing, I am terrible about that!)

3. I love tattoos. I want a 3/4 sleeve one day.

4. I always wanted to be an artist, a working artist. When I was a teenager and thought about stay-at-home moms, I thought No Way! I could never do that. I would hate it! Well, now I would love to be able to stay with Richard all of the time. My job allows me to be with him more than most working moms, but it is never enough for me.

5. I am a terrible procrastinator. I keep telling my self that I am going to be better, but I haven't been. I have gifts that I bought last Christmas that I haven't mailed yet (see #2).

6. Besides my son, my brother and sister-in-law are the two people that I admire the most. They are the most true and honest people that I know. I am glad to have them in my life, and especially glad that they are here in Alamogordo where they can be a good influence on me!

7. I purchased my own house last year. I never thought that I would be where I am in my life. I am a single unschooling mom, who owns a house. I never thought that I would be able to do that!

8. I have 8 cats, 2 dogs, one frog, 2 turtles, and many guppies, who are mainly food for the frog.

That was harder than I thought! Fun though.

The "rules":
* link to the person who tagged you
* post the rules
* name 8 things others don’t know about you
* link to 8 other bloggers

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Saturday, November 03, 2007

So busy...

We have been so busy lately...

I have been working extra shifts lately, and the lady is out of town, so we are taking care of her house as well as ours. Richard has been staying with his aunt and uncle while she is gone and I am at work, and he has been helping them move.

We went to the X-Prize cup and airshow last weekend, it was awesome. I will have to post some pictures. We were going to try to go to the Modified Nationals this weekend in Las Cruces, but I didn't realize that the races started at 2pm instead of sunset as ususal. I am probably more bummed about it than Richard, oh well, next time!

We have birthdays coming up, Lindsey turns 21 on the 7th, and Richard turns 12 on the 19th. I don't know what I am going to do for Richard's birthday yet. Maybe just take him and the family out to dinner and have cake at home. We will see. He has been saving his money to buy an Xbox 360. He has been mowing lawns and saving his allowance. He has more in savings than I do right now! I am proud of him.

Saturday, July 28, 2007

90th birthday

This is Lauren with Grandma (that would be Lauren's Great-Grandma). It was Grandma's 90th birthday, and she got everyone together in Wisconsin where she and Grandpa Chuck always vacationed.

The whole group. Lindsey couldn't come, so not the *whole* group! Lindsey, cousin Michael's girlfriend, and cousin Lyndon and his wife Lorina were missing. Other than that it is the whole group. I think! That is Chuck's tree in the middle.

This one is not from the birthday trip, this is Richard at the lake after riding the jet-ski at Elephant Butte. He was very excited.

Many more pics to come.

Friday, May 04, 2007

Junior Zookeeper

Richard participated in a junior zookeeper program at our zoo. It was a week long, and he had a great time. He got to help feed and clean up after most of the animals, and spent a whole morning helping to prepare the animal's food. He had a great time, and he got hugged (on the leg) by an otter!


A few weeks ago Richard and I received a package in the mail, P-Bear clothes! My sister makes Paddington Bears (and their clothes), she made one for me when I was little (the lighter one) and one for Richard when he was a baby. Mine is all worn, there isn't much fur left. Richard's is nice and fluffy.
Well Richard's P-Bear has been wearing an old baseball outfit that was Richard's when he was a baby, waiting for clothes. Right around my birthday about a month ago we finally got clothes for him! Yay! Thanks Alison!

Monday, March 05, 2007

Monster Jam!!!

Richard and I went to Monster Jam in El Paso Saturday night, it was incredible! I only have a few photos that I took on my phone right now, Richard took a ton that we still need to get developed. For now, here is El Toro Loco, El Paso's favorite truck. The crowd just went crazy every time the announcer would even mention El Toro Loco, and there were tons of kids running around with red hats with bull horns! So cute!

This is Maximum Destruction catching some crazy air. Max D won the Freestyle part of the night. You can see the crowd in the background, the Sun Bowl was completely sold out. It was crazy. We had so much fun, Richard got autographs and pictures with each of the drivers before the show. They were all really nice, and all were willing to take a second to talk to the kids, even though there were thousands of people there. What an awesome night with my boy!

Wednesday, February 28, 2007

H2O cat

I don't even have normal cats! Every morning Ren sits on the bathroom sink until I turn on the faucet, then she sits in the sink and lets the water wash all over her. She just sits there and drinks and showers, loving the water. I guess that is what happens when you name your cat after a mosquito...

Friday, February 16, 2007


So Lauren and Lindsey convinced me that I needed to get a Myspace page. Well, I did it, but I am not too sure of the whole thing. They assure me that it is a very cool thing, but I kind of feel like a jr. high student again with the whole "will you be my friend thing." Lauren assures me that it is ok to ask someone to be my friend, that though I may be a total dork, this is not why!
Here is my Myspace page, if anyone is interested:

Thursday, February 01, 2007

Black Dog

My poor Black Dog, she is a mess without Bailey. She is bored and so she gets in trouble. That is my mom's brand new bamboo blind in the background, chewed to pieces. It hadn't been installed yet, she chewed the package open. She used to stay outside most of the day, and she was ok, she and Bailey ran and played, and chased kids along the fence. They had their own inside paito room with a dog door, and came all the way in occasionally to visit. She came inside more often with Jake (my sister and brother-in-law's dog) when he was down visiting, and though he helped her to calm down and be a good inside dog when people are here, she can't be alone inside because she gets into the garbage and chews everything. That still would be ok, but now she is not satisfied to ever be outside, ever! She is in at night now but needs to go out when my mom is at work and Richard is not hanging out over there.
Jake also taught her to knock down the dog-door cover, so she comes into the patio room and bangs on the inside door, she even knocked it off of the track. I tried to take her to my house for a while, but she chases the kittens (they just love to run fast, it is too tempting!) and she tears down my screen and patio doors trying to come in.
I know what the dog whisperer would say, she needs an hour long walk every day! She would probably be ok with a friend, but with the unexpected litter of kittens I am not sure I can do that yet! Hopefully when the kittens get a little older she can be with them. She is 13 or so, I would love to have her inside all of the time where it is warm during her last few years, but we can't have someone at mom's house with her all of the time.
A friend may have to be the answer, we will see....

Friday, January 26, 2007

Our Visitor..

We have a kitty that comes and visits, we don't know where he lives, but he is pretty fat, so he probably has a home. We put food out for him anyway! :-)

He is mostly white, with black on his head, and has long hair. Richard has named him Tigger. Our kitties like to gather and talk to him through the sliding glass door. It has been so cold lately, I would love to bring him in. He is a little shy though. I am hoping that he does have a good home somewhere, since I kind of have a full house!

Stimpy, hanging out. He is very laid back.

Mew, she seemed to be really shy at first, not very social. But lately she has really become a people-kitty.

The twins, sort of. They seemed identical when they were little. Ren though, (the one in back) has become very fluffy. She has a full coat, not long, but full and fluffy. She looks like a snow leopard. Roo, the one in front, is sleeker and her coat is has stripes, while Ren has spots.
These two were always the first to do anything when they were little. They were the first to get out of their birthing area, the first to scale the baby gate, etc. They have calmed down a little, and Mew was the first to climb my curtains! Ra has taken over lately as the resident mischief maker. He loves to get into trouble.

Kitten pix

These pictures are 2 months old. The kittens from our litter are 3 1/2 months old in these, and Lou is 6 weeks or so.

This is Lou, a friend from work found him on the mountain. She was going to keep him but her dogs were a little rough with him, so he joined our litter. Bastet has adopted him and he nurses with the others.

Ra (named by Richard after the Sun God), stalking something.


Sir Lou, that is.

Almost the whole tribe.


We have gotten a TON of snow over the last week (ok, a ton for Southern New Mexico). We really don't get too much at my house, even though we are within walking distance of a decent sized mountain. Usually you have to take a half-hour drive or so to see much snow in the winter. I really don't like the cold, but if it is going to be cold I would like to at least see some snow! Well, I got it twice this week. It snowed in the beginning of the week, and I actually still had some in my yard when it snowed again last night. It rained like crazy most of the day though, so now it is all gone.

This is my house at about 6 this morning. The clock on my camera is wrong, it says 6pm, but it was am.

The Ash tree in the yard had started to get buds on it before the snow, I am not sure if they survived the cold.

This is the Garden God in the first snow, he can still see the yard.

After today's snow he was pretty covered.

The frog and turtle checker board is still visible after the first snow...

But this morning it was gone!! :-)

The heavenly bamboo looked really pretty dusted with snow.

And my very favorite of the pictures, Richard enjoying the snow, coming down like crazy! He, by the way, took most of these pictures. He is a great photographer.