Thursday, April 17, 2008


My dishwasher hasn't worked right in, well, ever! Since I moved in. It always left rust on the dishes, no matter how I tried to patch all of the rust spots. And it smelled like mildew inside! Who wants to eat off of something that came out of a mildew machine?! So anyway, now I have a new one! Yay!
A few years back I got my mom a dishwasher, hers worked ok (so I thought) but was horribly noisy, you couldn't hear the TV over it in the next room! So I got her a new one, and found out that the old one didn't work as well as I thought. So partly as a birthday present, partly as a thank you for spending my days off helping with Tim's stuff, and partly as a payback, she bought me a new dishwasher. Yay! Thanks mom.

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