Thursday, July 24, 2008

Learn Nothing Day

Well, it is Learn Nothing Dayand unfortunately learning is still happening. So much for our break! Richard is off at Shuttle Camp learning loads. As for me, so far I have collected morning glory seeds, washed Richard's JuiJitsu uniform for tonights testing, and now I am on the computer. What a waste of the one day that we could take a vacation from learning!

Richard found a really cool beetle the other night on our front walkway. He was pretty slow, we wondered if he was going to molt.

But the next morning we found him dead.

We brought him into the house, we were going to look at him with our microscope viewer, it is this camera that puts microscopic images onto the TV. But, the cats found him first. I don't know if they ate him or just dragged him off to live under the couch with the dust hippos, but he is gone.

We also found these weird cocoon like things in the grass. Some sort of insect inside I am sure. We will have to wait and see.

This picture was taken at the races a few weeks ago. I just found it when transferring pictures from my phone. They are cousins, but they are more like brother and sister sometimes. They are so cute.

Oh! And Happy Birthday to Sandra Dodd, who thought of Learn Nothing Day!

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