Sunday, September 07, 2008

Cottonwood Festival, Movies, and Black Dog

Mom, Richard, and I went to the Cottonwood Festival last weekend. It was pretty nice, a little rainy but not too bad. It is held every year on Labor Day weekend here in Alamogordo (Alamogordo means fat cottonwood tree).
People kept saying that there were more booths than usual, but it seemed the same to me. We checked out most of the booths (didn't buy anything though), got green chile burritos, and then sat and listened to the live music. Richard's friend's step-dad plays sax in a band, and even though they were missing a member they went on and sounded great. They practice in their garage across the street, so I get to hear them on a regular basis (which I love). They usually play on my watering night, so I go out and water my plants and listen to music. Cool.

The next band played a variety of music, but mostly rock. They were pretty good too. Richard really enjoyed himself.

After the Cottonwood Festival we went to Lowes, where Richard the Spartan guarded the aisle.

It was a good thing too, there was a crazy purse wielding lady trying to get to the stepping stones!

This week our local theater was having a "back to school" special, so Richard and I went on a "not back to school" movie binge. We saw 4 movies in 2 days! We saw Clone Wars, Babylon AD, The Dark Knight, and Death Race. They were all pretty good, but Death Race surprised me the most, I loved it!

Alamogordo is having an infestation of stink bugs, they are everywhere! They were actually falling off of the roof of the theater!

This one was getting a free meal by canabalizing on of his squished comrades.

It is still raining lots here, so we still have shrooms....

And the last peice of news is that Black Dog is still (or again?) sick. She has lost 10 or so pounds and looks terribly skinny. She is finally eating again and not throwing up as much. Hopefully she will gain some weight back soon. I may just have to invest in Veterinary insurance if this keeps up! Poor old dog. Every time I think this is it for her she pulls through. I think the one time that I think she will be ok will be when she leaves us.

Mom, Richard and I were going to go to the State Fair next week, but I don't think that we can leave her. Dianna, Richard and the girls could take care of her medicine and let her out and all, but she needs to eat small amounts every few hours. I think we will have to skip it this year. That is ok, she is more important. She has had 14 good years, and you never know how much longer she (or any of us!) will be here. Cleo died while Richard and I were out of town 2 years ago and I haven't quite forgiven myself for that. We don't stay home all of the time in fear, but I don't think we should leave town while she is sickly.

Oh, and to end on a lighter note, here is one of our most recent buggy visitors. She came knocking on the skinny window next to the front door. The cats were going crazy inside!

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