Saturday, May 13, 2006

Easter Ostara Spring.....

Ok, so it is way past Easter/Ostara. But I am finally getting the pictures of our big egg decorating session posted. We had a great time, Richard's cousin Lauren and good friend Cara came over to help decorate eggs and eat lots of easter candy.

Look at those hands, definitely evidence of a great time!

They decided to dye one of the eggs after it had been peeled, and
Richard ate it!!! He said that it tasted the same, he was the only one
brave enough to do it.

This one cracked, so it needed a band-aid.

We dye 3 or 4 dozen eggs every year, and then eat hard boiled eggs for weeks afterwards. I was thinking the other day, that it is silly to only do it once a year. I guess people only do it annually because of the mess, but anyone that knows me knows that the mess isn't really an issue for me! :-) Besides, it wouldn't be any mess at all to use crayons. Maybe I will cook some eggs tomorrow.

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