Saturday, May 13, 2006

One week until testing...

It is Saturday, in exactly one week Richard tests for his Black Belt. I am so happy for him, he really loves TaeKwonDo.

This is him in the foyer of the NMSBVI gym. After every testing I take a picture of him in this same spot with his new belt on. This was right after he got his red senior belt. That is what he is now, red senior. He has really been working hard to get his form looking nice and crisp, and to get his sparring better and better.

At testing, to get his black belt, he has to do his form, break 2 boards (one hand and one foot technique), do 2 rounds of sparring, and then spar 2 on 1 (he has to spar 2 black belts at the same time), and answer some questions. I think he is ready.

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