Friday, July 28, 2006

So much going on!

Things have been so busy lately...

Lauren hanging out on a guardrail by the tunnel.

Richard, looking cool.

Enjoying the beautiful New Mexico views.

A few weeks ago some members of the TKD academy did a demo at the Renaissance Faire in Cloudcroft. It was Richard's first demo as a black belt.

Mrs. Anna Scott, the certified instructor who ran the demo, asked Richard to do the red belt form instead of his current one. She said that it is one of the most difficult forms and that he does it beautifully. :-)

Richard's Aunt Dianna, Uncle Richard, and Lauren took my Richard with them to a TKD tournament in Mobile, Alabama. I don't have many pictures of the trip yet, but they sent this one to my cell phone. On the way to Mobile they stopped at both Six Flags and Sea World. Richard has been on roller coasters before, but I think now he is just totally in love with them. The higher and faster the better!
At the tournament Richard won a bronze medal in forms, a gold medal in sparring, and an honorable compeditor medal for his free design form.
Before heading home they went down to the coast and rode the "world's biggest speedboat." They had a great time, and got to see dolphins swimming in the Gulf.
Richard had so much fun on the trip, he is lucky to have such a generous aunt and uncle.

We've been up to the lake a few times, once when everyone went. That was a lot of fun. It is nice to have everyone down on the beach like when we were little. I didn't take the camera, I really just planned to take Richard up and drop him off, then come back home since I had to work Sunday night. Richard and Grandma talked me into going up just for Friday night. I ended up staying all weekend and coming home Sunday not long before I had to be at work. It was a lot of fun.

A lot of the plans that we had for the summer have been put on hold because we are buying a house, yay! That has been a lot of work, but I can't wait to close and get the keys! We will end up closing right before the Live and Learn Conference, so we will get the keys and then be gone for almost a week! It will be worth it though.


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