Thursday, August 03, 2006

Shuttle Camp

Richard attends Shuttle Camp every year, it is a week-long space camp put on by the New Mexico Museum of Space History (the former Space Hall of Fame).

They build a rocket during the week. Last year Richard's looked like a giant pencil! This year it is a red, blue, silver, and gold rocket based on one of the X-Prize rockets that we saw launched last year. Richard was first to fire his rocket.

Waiting anxiously...

They fire the rockets in the parking lot of the museum. It is on the side of the mountain with lots of desert surrounding it.

Making sure that it is all hooked up correctly...

I guess you can't see it, the rocket is in those shots somewhere. Richard made it a little crooked, but that made it launch so cool. It went straight up, but did this awesome spiral all the way to the top!

John, figuring out why one of the kid's rockets didn't launch.

It worked this time.

This is Richard's group. The man on the far left is Daniel, he was a leader of Richard's group last year too. The man on the far right is John, he has done space camps in Alabama (where he is from) too. Richard is almost dead center in the back row. Next to him on the left (with the orange hat) is a boy named Ian whom Richard got to be friends with.

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