Thursday, August 03, 2006


Our cat, Bastet, gave birth to a litter of kittens Monday evening (July 31). I had been meaning to get her spaid, but on Memorial Day she was in heat, and snuck out, oops! Bastet is the bottom kitty in the above picture, the top one is King Tut. We have one other kitty, they all have Egyptian names, the one not pictured is Cleopatra.
Tut thinks he is the dad, he tried to mount her when she was in heat, but since he is neutered, well, it didn't exactly work. But since she turned up pregnant soon after he seems to think that he was able to accomplish something!

She is looking tired after the first kitten, you can just see it's head next to her body.

She looks like she wants to be left alone, but she would cry and chase us when we would walk away even for a moment.

She is eating the placenta and amniotic sac from the second kitten.

We could tell when the next one was coming by her panting, I don't know the history of Lamaze, but this sure looked like it.

She cleaned herself up between each kitten.

She is cutting the umbilical cord.

Here they are all cleaned up, there are 5 of them. At first we thought they were all black, but only one is black, with white markings. The rest are gray tabbys like mom.

Bastet was starving afterwards.

They are so cute!

Sweet dreams, kitties!

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Schuyler said...

Wow! What a great series of photos.