Thursday, August 10, 2006

The Kittens are 11 days old now, they are so cute! They still are basically just sleeping and eating, but a few are trying to open their eyes.

Bastet (mommy) keeps moving them. The first time was probably just to get them away from their birth place. The second time was right after our male (Tut) came into the room and saw their hiding place. Tut was scared silly of Bastet, and ran, but she wasn't taking any chances and moved the kittens to the closet.

These pictures are from a few days ago, they are probably about a week old in them.

They are all piled up in the corner of the closet, under a shelf.

We tried to get pictures of all 5 kittens seperately. This one was mewling LOUDLY for mom, she came quickly!

This one didn't even wake up.

Their ears are still folded over, according to the books they probably are just starting to hear.

This one seems to be the most active of them, she also looks a lot like the male down the street! The rest look like mom and the male that I saw with mom the night that she snuck out.

This one looks the most like mom.

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