Saturday, June 21, 2008

Father's Day

On the Saturday before Father's Day Richard, mom, and I went to Ruidoso to see Tim. We went to the cemetary, watered the plants that Eric and Ness had planted, and spread some more seeds.
Right now he just has a metal marker, but Gary has picked a marble, flat headstone for him. I think it will mention his military service, and hopefully something about his surveying and family.

One of the bigger plants is blooming, I am not sure if it is a Texas Yucca or a Red Hot Poker, but I imagine that it is a Red Hot Poker since Tim loved those.

There are flowers everywhere, and elk and deer scat. Tim would like to know that he is with the wildlife in the mountains. It is beautiful there.

After the cemetary we went to the house for a while, then came back down the mountain for dinner and hot tubbing at Dianna and Richard's house. That was just awesome. I am so glad that my Richard has family so close!

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