Saturday, June 21, 2008

Working, racing, missing Tim

Wednesday after work I took a nap then Richard and I did yardwork most of the afternoon. Most people I think don't like my wild front flower areas, but I like them, and that is what counts! I know it drove Tim crazy, he liked things neat and orderly.

Then Richard and I went to the Lake with Richard and Dianna Thursday. We had a good day, it is always nice being with them. We helped put new fabric on their awning, wish I had pictures of that!

After the awning we cleaned up mom's property a little, well, more than a little! We ended up with 6 trash bags full of sad dry bamboo. I would have brought it home to our compost pile but we also had trash mixed in.

Richard asked his Uncle Richard if duct tape solved all problems, since we are often teasing about that, this was Uncle's response:

We checked out the plants growing on mom's property, most native, some planted by mom and Tim, some just popped up. There was a tiny plant with the coolest seed pods, the seed pods were huge compared to the size of the plant.

My Richard had been up late working on a Lego project Wednesday night, and we got up pretty early to go to the lake. He worked hard at the lake, he enjoys physical work, but he was beat at the end of the day. Including the time he slept on the way home he slept almost 15 hours that night!

Friday night we went out to the races. We took mom, it was the first time that she had been in the pits since Tim passed away. She did okay until we saw Tim's old red race car that he had sold. It was the first time that it was out racing since Tim sold it. A couple bought it for their son to get started racing in, their son's name was............Richard! Crazy! They didn't paint it or anything, just took silver paint and changed the silver 77 to a 79. It was kind of emotional seeing it out there.

Richard hung out with Tommy over in the tech inspection area. Tommy and Richard's Uncle Richard are good friends, they went to high school together and work together. Richard is learning tons about race car set-up, track rules, as well as different ways to relate to people. Some of the drivers can come in kind of hot-tempered. Tommy is blunt but calm and cool.

You can't see much in this picture, that is the tech garage, and Richard is in there with Tommy and Cory, who is Tommy's son and has been a friend of Richard's for years.

I am glad that Richard is so out-going. He has been out to the track without me a few times this year with his engine-builder friend Bobby, so he has met quite a few of the drivers and crew. He was perfectly comfortable taking off on his own to talk to everyone in the pits. It is good networking for him, as he will be racing before too long!

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