Saturday, February 02, 2008

Dinos Alive!

There is a new exhibit in the old movie theater at our mall. We got a brand new 10 screen theater last year, not too exciting to those who are used to such things, but we are a fairly small city and had a terrible theater up until now. I am so short that at the old theater, even a normal sized person in front of me blocked my view, and Richard has only gotten taller than me this year, he always had a hard time seeing before. Now the seats are angled so that even I can see with someone in front of me.

Anyway, so in the space where the old theater was, there is a temporary dinosaur exhibit that is really cool. There are animatronic dinosaurs, with plants and rocks all around so that they look real. They move and make sounds, and a tour guide will walk you around and tell you about the dinosaurs if you want. I guess the dinosaurs were actually used in the background of the Jurassic Park movies. Cool!

I couldn't get pictures of the animatronic dinosaurs because it was too dark, but there is a play room (oops, an education room :-) Ha Ha) that Richard had a lot of fun in.

Excavating dinosaur bones.

Richard LOVED the giant fabric dinosaur. You could create new species by putting lots of different parts together. He spent more than an hour putting together different parts.

CatDog Dinosaur!

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Firefly mom said...

If your son loved that exhibit, he'd love the "Walking with Dinosaurs" videos on You-Tube. (These aren't the Discovery Channel ones, but videos of life-sized animatronic dinos that just made the rounds accross the country). We had the good fortune to see this show last month (I have a couple of videos on our blog) and my son *loved* it!