Saturday, February 02, 2008


We inherited 2 frogs from Richard and Dianna when they moved. The frogs lived in their HUGE pond at the big house, and I am not sure how happy they were in my 2 20 gallon tanks. They had lots of guppies to eat though, and places to hide.
A couple of months ago one of them escaped, I found him in the middle of my dining room, still alive. He died the next day, and I buried him under a bush on the side of the house.
The second one made his escape a few days ago (despite the lids of the tanks being taped down with duct tape!). He also died a day or so after being returned to the tank, but not before he ate BOTH of my new baby plecostomus fishies! I guess he felt that he deserved a last meal better than guppies. Richard and I buried him in the middle of the Frog Band, in the front courtyard. We figured that he would enjoy listening to frog music, while he fertilizes my grass and flowers.

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