Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Coccooning, Ice Cream, and Movies

Richard has been cocooning lately. It has been a hard few months, and I think his body and mind are resting. He has grown a lot lately, almost 5'7" at last measurement, his grandpa died a month ago, and yesterday a good family friend passed away. A lot to deal with for an adult, let alone a 12 year old.

It is almost 3pm, and he is still asleep. He has always been a late sleeper, we are a family of night owls, but he is definetely sleeping more lately. I will have to wake him soon, I hate doing that, but today is his "assist day" at TaeKwonDo. He is a trainee instructor and assists with 2 or 3 classes a week.

Last night we wanted comfort food, so we made ice cream. Richard has an ice cream ball, so we filled it with cream and vanilla and sugar and rolled it back and forth while watching the Simpsons.

It took almost a whole Simpsons episode of rolling the ice cream ball back and forth for the ice cream to be a good consistancy.

When it was ready, we watched South Park and ate yummy homemade icecream. Then we put in The Prestige, which I bought recently off of the $5 movie rack. It wasn't what I thought it was, I was thinking of the movie The Illusionist, which I loved. I liked The Prestige though, what I saw of it. I fell asleep. Richard watched the whole thing, and said it was good. Maybe I will try again tonight.

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