Thursday, March 20, 2008

Mom's Wedding

It has been a month since Tim died, and I realized that I have never posted any pictures of mom and his wedding. They got married on February 11, the day before Tim's surgery. They were married for 4 days. They were together for *years* before that though.

They were married in Tim's room by one of the doctors at the University of Utah Medical Center, he is also a minister. Mom said that they were going to go down to the chapel, but everyone there on the floor wanted to be a part of it! How sweet! She said that the room was full, as was the hallway outside, of both patients and employees. I should have gone. I feel bad, but we really thought everything was going to work out and I should save my sick leave to go help during his recovery.

The bouquet was a flower arrangement that someone had sent to Tim! They look good. Mom and Tim, not the flowers, though they are pretty too.

The man standing in the background behind mom is Tim's son Eric. The red-headed woman is T'Ann, she was a coordinator for the surgery and would have been involved throughout Tim's recovery. She was wonderful with mom. The doctor in the foreground is Tim's surgeon, Dr. Singhal.

This is the doctor that married them.
Tim had always told mom that he would marry her on a leap year, and guess what? It is a leap year! He is the one who insisted that they marry before the surgery. I think lots of people assume that it was for monetary reasons, so that she would be taken care of if something went wrong, but he had a will, and mom was already named in it, so that wasn't even an issue. He just wanted to do it. I think he wished that they had not put it off for so long.
We miss you Tim.

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