Friday, March 28, 2008

Re-evaluation, Racing, Tim

Today was re-evaluation day. Every 6 months Richard has to re-evaluate at TKD. He is a trainee instructor, and he has to prove that he still knows his stuff . He does all of his past forms, from white belt up to his current one, 2nd degree level 2 black belt. He also has to demonstrate the one- and three- steps for each belt and escape skills.

Here he is doing one of the forms, Fire form (red belt), I think. You can't really see it, but his picture is on the wall behind him with the rest of the certified and trainee instructors. Lauren's picture is there too, she is a certified instructor.

Here he is sparring with another black belt that was testing for rank. He wasn't testing, he was part of the dog-pound, black belts that fill in during the sparring part of rank testing. The girl that he is sparring with is younger and smaller than he is, but she is one rank higher than he is.

Now he is relaxing at his favorite activity, racing! I don't thing it really matters to him if it is 64 scale race cars (like he is playing with here), watching racing on TV, playing Nascar on the xbox360, designing race cars and tracks, or just talking racing, he loves it all, and it all relaxes him.
Tomorrow we are taking mom up to Ruidoso to sprinkle wildflowers on Tim's grave. He is in a beautiful spot in Hondo Valley where deer and elk graze, and there is a little stream that goes right by his plot. His plot number by the way, is 77, which was his race car number. His son Eric surveyed the plot, and left brass surveyors markers. I am sure that he would approve.

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